As the city becomes increasingly concerned with street appearances due to conservation policies, real estate appeals… architecture is being flatten into two-dimensions. The fake facades of the single street town depicted in many Hollywood country and western films today can be found in many cities whose urban development policies prioritise ‘how things look from the street’ over how buildings are actually used. Even in Islington it is possible to see the Country and Western town as the historic facades are lobotomised from the living spaces behind…


One of the first projects to emerge from the new independent offshoot company, WHAT_developments co-directed by Parminder Sandhu, involved working within the current development density (3 storey London terrace house) asked: could this density produce better commercial yield (value for money for both developer and occupant) yet at the same time produce better design? The proposal involves 2 flats: one (4p3b) with a garden at ground and terrace at bedroom(s) level; the other (3p2b) with a roof garden.


000off_INTERSTICES vs 20/20 (AA publications)

Interstices is a journal of Architecture and Related Arts is the only established publication of its kind in Australasia. Since its inception in 1989, it has seen eleven issues, in which writers and presenters such a the 2005 Pritzker winner Tom Mayne (USA), Mark Wigley (USA), Francesco Venezia and Renato Rizzi (Italy), and Mark Goulthorpe (France, now teaching at MIT), Marco Frascari (Director of Carleton University’s School of Architecture, Canada) etc. contributed to contemporary local and international debates. The journal is published once a year and its scope is widening to address audiences beyond Australasia, who are interested in architecture and related arts. Anthony Hoete (WHAT_architecture) sits on the editorial board along with members Mike Austin, Uta Brandes, Karen Burns, Peggy Deamer, Michael Erlhoff, Marco Frascari, Mark Goulthorpe, Fiona Jack, Robert Jahnke, Bechir Kenzari, Jonathan Lamb, David Leatherbarrow, Stephen Loo, Mirjana Lozanovska, John Macarthur, Jeff Malpas, Nigel Ryan, Joseph Rykwert, Laurence Simmons, Paul Walker, and Peter Wood 20/20: Editorial Takes on Architectural Discourse brings together editors from 20 leading contemporary architectural magazines including Interstices to discuss collectively the role editors play in shaping architectural discourse. Each of the contributors has responded to a set of 20 questions on the multiple conditions under which particular ideas and words enter architectural discourse through publication. The resulting critical positions and observations are as diverse as the magazines from which they originate, and range from the oldest student-edited journal (Perspecta) to a research collective that at the time of writing was on the cusp of being launched ([bracket]). Also included are contributions from the editors of 306090, AA Files, Actar, An Architektur, Footprint, Grey Room, Harvard Design Magazine, Hunch, Interstices, Log, Manifold, Mark, New Geographies, OASE, Praxis, Scapes, UME and Volume20/20 is a timely AA publication that provides today’s architectural reader with concise viewpoints from the editors behind the magazines behind architectural culture. http://www.2020publication.info/


This project has a open weatherboard cladding.


111llf_Featuring The Mirrors.

Little London Fields was a black-white ragga-art school mix of junglist dub and posteur guitar lyrics.

012hil_A building you can play around with. 8-{])