116 abk_Urban proposal

096agn_Agnes Riley Play Park

Now, just add water (90,000L of rain harvested water that is).

096agn_Let’s rock!

WHAT_architecture rocks Agnes Riley. With 42 tonnes of stepping stone glacial boulders.

116abk_New Model Citizen!

National Dress. National Architecture? Costume cladding!

117khw_Garden Shed

Building meets tree and it feels natural.

000off_WHAT laptop with demountable WiFi screen

116abk_Salakitecture! A Super Architecture?

The architecture has to embrace the local monolithic vernacular in Sukhumi, Abkhazia!

096agn_Play net integrated into board walk.

Natural play pond at Agnes Riley Park with suspended net.


Beauty is only skin deep. Facadism is Facism + AD. Its an oil of U-land kind of thing.

000off_WHAT_material: stone!

There is no such thing as a bad material: it’s just how how you use it!