000off_Shoe Design: Nike x WHAT_architecture

Designing buildings takes a long time. An architect studies for say 6 years. A Doctor maybe a year longer. Architecture is so multiplicit that it should be taught as a shorter education. Maximum 3 years. When you get a chance to materialise design, not as building but say,  in a quicker way, then take it! “Architect designs shoe”is a remix of an existing Nike shoe, like the superb camel combo of Adidas x Alexander Wang, and thus a complicit client-designer relationship aspiring to the mutual ambition of: commercial innovation. Of course, sales, but ultimately about pushing the boundaries. From the Nike catalogue, we chose basketball.

My son likes Oklahoma City Thunder. WHAT_architecture thus selected the obvious Nike Basketball shoe for a design mash-up. WHAT_architecture presents: Nike Air Jordan 4 meets it’s greatest for:  Adidas. As seen on the courts, but not on the shoe as yet> a massive Corporate v Innovation risk challenge!WHAT_Air-Jordan-4


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