116abk_low rise high density urban fabric.

Low rise high densty urban fabric on the Black Sea.

116abk_Architecture proposal

116 abk_Urban proposal

116abk_New Model Citizen!

National Dress. National Architecture? Costume cladding!

116abk_Salakitecture! A Super Architecture?

The architecture has to embrace the local monolithic vernacular in Sukhumi, Abkhazia!

116abk_Salakitecture! A Super-suburbanism?

If we accept that design can be good as sharp thinking is useful, how can we afford to live in a better designed world? One way is to build the best, the most for the least. If we create super high density so as to produce super discounted housing, how can we design this so as to have greater qualities than existing forms of housing afford today? Density is great as it leads to intensive productivity. This proposal starts with a prototype house type: in this case, a low cost 3b5p dwelling minimised in size yet maximised in number in accordance to the site yielding 100 units. The site is in Sukhumi, Abkhazia. The economic context is far below that of the lowest EU state. The project creates 100 3b5p units over a 100 x 100m city block. That’s means 500 people per hectare or equivalent to a density of 50,000 persons per sqkm. To appreciate the Super-Urbanism of Salakitecture, compare this with a list of the densest populated cities in the world: Manila, the densest, has 43,000 persons per sqkm; Paris has 20,000; London 4700; Istanbul 1700… This proposal is results in a Super-Suburbanism. Compressed most design low rise for least cost.