072hin_101009_Pecha Kucha

Pecha Kucha is an lecture format gaining worldwide currency. Instead of being bored to death by the 120minute monologue of the architect as presenter, Pecha Kucha is multiple presenters showing just 20 slides, each lasting 20 seconds. For the Nga Aho (a network of Maori design professionals) 2010 symposium, WHAT_architecture presented the ‘paint-by-numbers’ Hinemihi public workshop as a Pecha Kucha. That is one paint-by-number acrylic painting was transformed into a 20-colour Pecha Kucha palette: an polychromatic-aural presentation of 20 slides accompanied by 20 voice recordings!!

000off_WHAT_brand building

? Is architecture increasingly becoming a four-dimensional form of adverting: are we branding buildings or building brands? Is the true expression of architecture in the digital age the magazine or the building? Are buildings no longer built to last ‘forever’ but for ‘whatever’: for example, an architecture that lasts 1/60th of a second, equal to that of the shutter-exposure of the camera?

069hil_Every Child Matters 1000-piece Lego ‘take home’ kit!

As part of the public participation in the design process, each child attending the school was given a 1000 piece take-home kit in which to develop their contribution to the Every Child Matters cladding system with their parents, siblings, grandparents…


096agn_consultation via post card

069hil_Lego Façade studies

The project required in-house full-scale mock-ups of the façade!

069hil_You are an architect!

The project asked: how is it possible to engage the building’s users, that is children, in the design and build process.

069hil_Lego building in the snow!

WHAT_architecture and an array of community volunteers lay a million plus Lego bricks whilst it’s snowing and minus 10 degrees celcius! Every morning the studs had to be de-iced using a kettle: naturally a cup-of-tea was the way to start the day!

069hil_WHAT_architecture says Design and Build your own DIY School!

069hil_’Every Child Matters’ Lego Façade Design Strategy

The Every Child Matters Lego façade design requiring the determination of: 1. brick length (1-10 stud) 2. brick width (1-2 stud) 3. brick colour 4. building function icons 5. a consented representation of Christ 6. Every Child Matters contributory designs 7. ventilation details 8. expansion joints 9. adjacent building interface details 10. Royal Mail postbox 11. the schools’ core values inscribed as a text wall