At the end of Olly Blackburn’s London Film Festival premiere of Kristy, the audience were asked to make death masks. From his film Kristy. These were fashioned from tin foil, a ready-to-hand kitchen combat if there was ever one. In the audience was our man with the cam, Ricardo Oei… www.blablablarchitecture.com015REE_#KRISTY


A client releases his latest film….
From the old-school carnage of The Dorm That Dripped Blood to the knowing scares of Wes Craven’s sorority-set Scream 2, the university campus has long been a prime location for the teen-hungry maniac and with this delirious slasher throwback British director Oliver Blackburn (Donkey Punch) proves that college life can still be a killer. As her fellow students depart for Thanksgiving with their families, Justine prepares to spend the holidays alone in her dorm. With just the campus security for company, she finds ways to fill her days, but her peaceful break is suddenly shattered when a gang of bloodthirtsy outcasts invade the halls and Justine finds herself on a desperate fight for survival. Blackburn expertly blends traditional stalk and slash thrills with moments of striking visual lyricism, and in the lead role Haley Bennett infuses Justine with the strength and ingenuity to forever ensure her place in final girl history.