The WHAT_architecture Man of the Match Award for the Rugby World Cup 2011 has a touch of playfulness about it. Will the All Blacks wobble when the pressure’s on in the knock-out rounds? The movement of an oval rugby ball is akin to the predictably stable but potentially wobbling performance of a weeble: will it all fall down? All in all, the MoTM Award should be as dynamic as the game itself and not just another static shelf trophy… which guarantees that no matter how dominant a team might appear, they won’t be in for a romp.


Further tax claim proof for Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (VAT and Corporation Tax) offices. Affirmative Architecture is a legimate excursion to the sunny, beautiful climes-charms of Australia and the invigorating stimulus of: talking new vs old culture, urban vs suburban, aboriginal presence, Donga Towns and conversational blablablarchitecture. In this case, thanks to Frankie for her review: http://whatwouldfrankiedo.blogspot.com/2011/09/affirmative-architecture-day-2.html  


The maximum recommended slope of ramps is 1:20. Compare this with the slope of Baldwin Street in Dunedin, NZ which is 1:2.86 at its steepest.  

142str_StreetWorks Sydney prize!

Magda, Kaja and Ciro scoop an Honourable Mention from the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects for the 2011 Streetworks competition which seeks to temporarily transform Sydney’s underutilised public spaces into vibrant places, building on the aspirations of City of Sydney’s Sustainable Sydney 2030. http://WWW.STREETWORKS.ORG.AU/

000off_WHAT_architecture WINS CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!e

Okay, not exactly. Yet in winning the lauded ‘LONDON METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY 2011 AWARD FOR BEST PRACTICE’ we can now sense what it feels like to be FC Barcelona. Or OMA. http://lmu22.wordpress.com/practice-visits/wed-like-to-work-for/


WHAT_architecture invited to exhibit the Kadiköy Mosque at MegaBuild Istanbul 2011.