000off_TOP 10 OF EVERYTHING 2015

WHAT_architecture features in the 2015 edition of the Top 10 Of Everything! National Book Store #1 Bestseller, August 2014: ‘With more than a thousand of the most intriguing and fascinating facts, comprising a listing of the top 10 in each category, the book is enough to keep you flipping its pages for days and dazzling your friends with your knowledge of top 10 most successful video games, top 10 fastest military machines, top 10 biggest video game movie adaptations, top 10 craziest rides/experiences to the top 10 most awesome skate parks, the list is endless.’ A range of special features provide fun ways for readers to further engage with the facts on the page, including interactive ‘You Rate’ boxes, ‘Head to heads’, ‘Fact flashes’, ‘Shuffle up’, ‘Compare-o-meters’ and ‘Your Shout’ spreads. New for this edition are detailed magnifications that zoom in on all the fantastic detail and ‘Danger’ boxes showcasing really scary stuff, while more bar and pie charts provide a visual route to understanding the data. Top-10-of-Everything-2015

069hil_Extreme Bricks


Council rang to say that “animals are not permissible in school buildings”: belated thanks to Australia Design Review

000off_Now that’s what I call RRRchitecture. MELBOURNE’S 102.7FM says what!?

  TRIPLE R MELBOURNE 102.7FM_WHAT arc featuring Maitiú Ward

069hil_Construction News Awards 2011

Best Project Under £10m

Open to all UK projects with a budget value of up to £10m that achieved practical completion, or equivalent, between November 2009 and March 2011. Entrants are construction teams who deserve recognition for the high standard of work, adherence to budget and client satisfaction in a healthy and safe working environment (WHAT_architecture’s Cowley St Laurence Church of England Primary School and Children Centre)

069hil_Every Child Matters 1000-piece Lego ‘take home’ kit!

As part of the public participation in the design process, each child attending the school was given a 1000 piece take-home kit in which to develop their contribution to the Every Child Matters cladding system with their parents, siblings, grandparents…

069hil_Lego Façade studies

The project required in-house full-scale mock-ups of the façade!

069hil_You are an architect!

The project asked: how is it possible to engage the building’s users, that is children, in the design and build process.

069hil_Lego building in the snow!

WHAT_architecture and an array of community volunteers lay a million plus Lego bricks whilst it’s snowing and minus 10 degrees celcius! Every morning the studs had to be de-iced using a kettle: naturally a cup-of-tea was the way to start the day!

069hil_WHAT_architecture says Design and Build your own DIY School!