New Vallance is a project partnership with Vallance Community Sports Association (VSCA). This project demonstrates Football as Architecture: more than a game. More than a club, it provides for a small East London community that embraces football as an impetus to transformation. ‘Premiership cities’ like London can learn from apparently ‘lower league cities’ like Bangkok: AP Thailand and CJ Worx worked wonders by creating space. As Pirlo would do.  

283off_ GDP v GDPR

An unconfigured thought. Today I got a personalised letter from Google. I looked to see where it was sent from. Junk mail as posted spam? Since Google is owned by Alphabet, the world’s 29th biggest company (Fortune5oo 2016), I anticipated a foreign post mark. Google knows enough about me to personalise the approach: global behemoth writes to me: stormy ego whilst I am sitting in a shipping container. I took the office dog, Chiba, for a walk to reflect… GDPR in E2 9EZ.