Given that blablablarchitecture was inspired by a talking horse, it is only natural that we given credence to ‘animal architecture’, where the building users are animals. In the case of Agnes Riley, the natural pond has been endorsed by ducks. Se also animalarchitecture where “Animal Architecture is an ongoing investigation into the performative role of biology in design. The project operates on the edge between humans and our surrounding “others” — illuminating alternative ways of living with nonhuman animals, discussing cross-species collaborations, and defining new frameworks through which to discuss biologic design. Animal Architecture imagines a state of architecture no longer separate from the world around us.”

096agn_pond water reservoir

096agn_WHAT_net spec meets MonkeyWorld and Civil Aviation standards!

In response to local authority concerns about the specification of the plastic ‘knot-balls’ used in the play pond’s net, Rick Foster from the manufacturer HuckPlay offered the following pearls of wisdom: “Monkeyworld in Dorset uses a similar specification to the net at Agnes Riley natural play pond with horizontally rigged knotball nets of identical size and spacing (100 mm squares) using identical rope, but covering much larger areas. These nets have been in daily continuous service for almost 9 years on that site rigged in a horizontal situation, with no controlling limitation on child size or even adult size to play on the main equipment. Using the test knowledge and the data from Monkeyworld to carry out FMEA therefore, we estimate there are 25,000 in service on that site alone, making the probability of replacement for a ball in service from any cause of:- (10 / 25000) / (363 x 8 x 9) = 1.53 x 10-8 per hour. This is actually a higher figure than most flight critical individual components in service on modern civil and military aircraft.”

096agn_Reza and the Mayor!

Reza Parizi from WHAT_architecture addresses the Mayor of Lambeth, various councillors, London Metropolitan Police, esteemed guests and the general public whilst opening Agnes Riley natural play pond and extolling the virtues of the Agnes Riley Park’s micro-ecology informing natural play.

096agn_Agnes Riley Play Park

Now, just add water (90,000L of rain harvested water that is).

096agn_Let’s rock!

WHAT_architecture rocks Agnes Riley. With 42 tonnes of stepping stone glacial boulders.

096agn_Play net integrated into board walk.

Natural play pond at Agnes Riley Park with suspended net.


096agn_consultation via post card