072hin_Smout Allen’s Lunar Wood

Beyond Hinemihi and its nurturing of witchcraft and craftsmanship, Smout Allen’s Lunar Wood installation speculates on intriguing mythical beliefs and traditional attitudes that pervade our understanding of natural materials. The installation takes the form of a counter-balanced wooden landscape where equilibrium is disturbed and reset by bursts of air from below and the swinging movement of weights from above triggering the landscape to move in a rhythmic wave. The surface can be seen and heard to resonate with the fluctuating and reciprocal push and pull of natural cycles. Smout Allen teach at The Bartlett.

072hin_weaving workshop

Drawing, weaving.




Jong tells us that the Korean window is usually assigned an ancillary function such as a table, a desk, a door…

048per_wonky curtains

We say “Wonky curtains” as in the curtains are not rectangular because the floor and ceiling are not parallel. Modern architectural haberdashery dictates that for such curtains to be drawn correctly (i.e. that the curtain covers the wall in its entirety), wonky curtains must have their standing position at the highest point on the wall: a wonky curtain draws down. In the depiction below, the track is shown exposed but of course it would be recessed into the ceiling. Adrian having worked out the wonky curtain solution, frustratingly at first learns that someone has created the same solution: Maison Martin Margiela. Or is it that great minds think alike?

048per_window as picture frame

Featuring Jean Luc Godard’s Le Mépris and the Casa Malaparté. Obviously the rocks around Capri are a long way from trees of Ponsonby park but you get the drift…          

145cos_Costa Del Thames

Post-Olympic canal-side aquatic adventures.

141sie_terrace housing

An alternating house-garden terraced landscape.

128art_architectural cosmetics