The discipline of architecture believes in the ideology of depth / meaningfulness not surface / superficiality. Yet unlike art which admires the expressionism of painting, architecture has always detested paint as being cosmetic. Upon being awarded the RIBA National Award, the Rooftop Nursery was offered a building lifetime’s supply of free paint. This meant the building could change appearance… according to popular demand or seasonal taste. \

012hil_A building you can play around with. 8-{])

012hil_Rooftop Nursery: Getting mums back to work

012hil_GAMEBOX_indoor outdoor learning spaces

012hil_50 ways to leave you loved one: plan layout configurations

012hil_WHAT building do you want to wear? Façade Consultation

012hil_View from neighbouring high-rise crack den.

Intensification of land use in a gritty urban environment resulted in stacking the outdoor play space on the roof.