WHAT_architecture presents Legobusier©: a Lego meets Le Corbusier modern architecture master class Five reasons why: 1. Public participation! Legobusier© promotes doing over seeing. This is a workshop not an exhibition! 2. Democratic demographic! Open to all children between the ages of 8 and 88. 3. Put the fun back into functionalism! Modern architecture to be enjoyed by the whole family. 4. Build a city! Through an understanding of Le Corbusier’s ‘5 points’, your building will help construct a city. 5. Get famous! Win the WHAT_architecture Gold Medal.


We await the Jong remix of ‘Seoul Meets London’ for the forthcoming Barbican workshop 171leg_Legobusier…

171leg_WHAT_architecture presents Legobusier at Open City

Open-City is running the first ever free children’s architecture festival in London City this June 23rd & 24th 2012. The festival is in partnership with the British Council’s ‘International Architecture and Design Showcase’; the ‘Celebrate the City’ festival of City of London; and Event Partners to the London Festival of Architecture.
WHAT_architecture has designed an ‘architectural teaching syllabus’ for primary school pupils (Key Stage 2) aged 6-11y whereby the teaching of architecture can now segue seamlessly into the existing National Curriculum (as either part of Art and Design, History or Design and Technology). Legobusier© is part of the WHAT_architecture designed syllabus and as a demonstration of its effectiveness, ‘classes’ will be held during the London Festival of Architecture: June 23rd, 24th 2012 at the former Shoreditch Station.