The Daily Mail reported earlier this year about a triple arson attack as revenge for not acquiring planning permission! A man allegedly set fire to council offices, funeral parlour and cottage after row over building consents and asa result three major fires tore through council offices, cottage and a funeral parlour. Oxfordshire Fire Service said at its peak 27 fire crews were battling fires and Thames Valley Police confirmed gas canisters were found at all three sites…The Daily Mail reported earlier this year about a triple arson attack as revenge for not acquiring planniwww.blablablarchitecture.com  


The Maori meeting house, the Grade 2 Listed Hinemihi, is sited on Clandon Park in Surrey opposite Clandon House, the Grade 1 Listed 18th Century property built by Lord Onslow. On 29th April 2015 a large fire completely destroyed the interior and roof. What does the future hold for Hinemihi now that Clandon House will undergo a 10year restoration programme?www.whatarchitecture.com


20141115_BRD000_0 The Mayoralty election in Tower Hamlets… 096agn_Mayor of Lambeth Niraj Patil inaugurates Agnes Riley Park with Reza Parizi of WHAT_architecture… in winter. 069hil_Mayor of Hillingdon Shirley Harper-O’Neill meets Maui Hoete of WHAT_architecture. 069hil_Mayor of Hillingdon David Yarrow meets Olatz de Solaeche of WHAT_architecture. 069hil_Mayor of London Boris Johnson meets Anthony Hoete of WHAT_architecture. 137aus_Lord Mayor of Perth Lisa Scaffidi meets Anthony Hoete of WHAT_architecture. [INSERT image] 000mot_Mayor of Tauranga Stuart Crosby hangs out with Ah! 096agn_reza www.blablablarchitecture.com


The Turkish Michelangelo, Mimar Sinan, was engaged in 476 structures including:
  • 94 large mosques (camii)
  • 57 colleges
  • 52 smaller mosques (mescit)
  • 48 bath-houses (hamam)
  • 35 palaces (saray)
  • 22 mausoleums (türbe)
  • 20 caravanserai(kervansarayhan),
  • 17 public kitchens (imaret)
  • 8 bridges
  • 8 store houses or granaries
  • 7 Koranic schools (medrese)
  • 6 aqueducts
  • 3 hospitals (darüşşifa)
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Istanbul + East London = EastEndBul. A domestic project for some ‘young turks’ in Bethnal Green. The term “Young Turk” was first used to refer to a nationalist party that was keen on bringing about changes in the political system in Turkey. The members of the party were called ‘Young Turks’ because the founding members were all very young — most were in their early thirties, while a few were in their late twenties. In 1908, the party succeeded in overthrowing Sultan Abdul Hamid II. The term has come to signify “an insurgent in a political party, especially one belonging to a group or faction that supports liberal or progressive policies” but also, and more importantly for this project, denotes a young person, full of new ideas and impatient for change. Young Turks is also the name of the record label based in London/ EastEndbulWHAT_architecture Young TurksFireplace-Atatiger    


In the 1960s, a gang of variously disaffected youth sprang up in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. They didn’t ride bikes, but they quickly developed all the trimmings of an outlaw motorcycle club: patches, club colors, and a fiercely violent process of initiation. They came to be known as the Mighty Mongrel Mob and today they’re the largest gang in the country, with around 30 chapters across both islands. Media access to the Mob is rare, which is why this photo series by Jono Rotman is kind of a big deal. Jono, who is a Wellington born photographer now living in NYC, cut his teeth capturing New Zealand’s prisons and psychiatric wards, before he took on gang life in 2007. We asked him how he convinced hardened gang members to sit for large format photography, and what he learned along the way… portraits-of-new-zealands-largest-gang-the-mongrel-mob-776-1432796262 portraits-of-new-zealands-largest-gang-the-mongrel-mob-928-1432796262 portraits-of-new-zealands-largest-gang-the-mongrel-mob-body-image-1432795884 portraits-of-new-zealands-largest-gang-the-mongrel-mob-body-image-1432795976 portraits-of-new-zealands-largest-gang-the-mongrel-mob-body-image-1432796208

179prs_BLABLABLATTER: your goal, our gaol.

On 2nd June 2015 Sepp Blatter declared his resignation from the FIFA Presidency. This was a surprise as Blatter had, just recently, been elected for a 5th term and so the speculation as to the timing of his resignation commences… Blatter, the ultimate patron/padrone of the practice WHAT_architecture FC, has been pushed out of football by a nation that doesn’t even really play football: the US. Federal prosecutors, led by Attorney General Loretta E Lynch, last week arrested senior FIFA executives on charges of corruption, wire fraud and bribery. Now with this resignation it appears that an American offensive might have presented Blatter with football’s ultimate sudden death scenario: Penalties! “Your goal is to avoid gaol…” soccer-pitch-robben-island


Tradition within modern media. Waka Huia investigates the cinematic fabrication of a place today lost in time. History usually doesn’t excite much contemporary interest, unless Game of Thrones-like, it is embroiled with thematics of love, war and honour. Dead Lands is set in a time which proceeded the arrival of European settlement in NZ. That place way over there. Which most of you will never go… so therefore it remains enigmatic. The Deadlands film is an attempt to discover the creation of an ambitiously authentic cinema world that displays Maori language, customs, and martial arts.


With 048per_The Villameter, we tried a traditional front vs a modern back. With 064man_ we will try a traditional overground vs a modern underground.WHAT_architecture interior_1 interior2