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German mid-field dominance continues with the conversion of FC Union Berlin’s stadium into a gigantic living room. www.blablablarchitecture.comwww.blablablarchitecture.comwww.blablablarchitecture.com

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Chiba, a Japanese Akita rescue dog and a roving ‘barkitect’ sniffs out spaces of interest in Shoreditch… \,,,,> Another dog in Shoreditch!? For three years, George has sat every day with John Dolan on Shoreditch High Street. Sitting on the street every day and watching the world go by, George and John became part of the community, barking to passers by about his life, his experiences, his drawings. For George sat for John who began to draw the buildings on the street, elevating the old, decrepit buildings that are so often ignored and under appreciated…” John-Dolan-Street-Art-London-8WHAT_architecture blablablarchitecture WHAT_architecture blablablarchitecture    


I Can. You Can. We All Can. Spray Can. Cept…. IMG_9228IMG_9226 IMG_9232IMG_9242IMG_9243 IMG_9244


Chiba, a Japanese Akita rescue dog and a roving ‘barkitect’ sniffs out spaces of interest… \,,,,> What are the dogs of Shoreditch? “The Gentle Author”, aka Dan Cruickshank, consulted his copy of Thomas Bewick’s General History of Quadrupeds 1824 to see what breeds were familiar two hundred years ago and discovered the major difference is that many breeds which were working dogs then are domestic dogs today.” So a husky in Hackney indeed has history (which partially explains the appearance of one on Shoreditch Station). Local resident and art critic John Berger (who’s seminal text ‘Ways of Seeing‘ and subsequent serialisation on  TV became one of the most influential art programmes) recently collaborated on ‘TAŞKAFA – Stories of the Street’, a film about urbanism and belonging and observed relations between street dogs and humans. WHAT_architecture Chiba WHAT_architecture Chiba1    

000off_Gilbert and George go for a kick about with Maui

Gilbert and George go for a kick about with Maui


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