072hin_Clandon’s burning could have been lead to Punk Conservation

Clandon Park, a National Trust-run stately home near Guildford, was devastated in a massive blaze on Wednesday April 29 2015.

Clandon calling to the faraway towns
Now war is declared and battle come down
Clandon calling to the underworld
Come out of the cupboard, you boys and girls
Clandon calling, now don’t look to us
Phony Beatlemania has bitten the dust
Clandon calling, see we ain’t got no swing
Except for the ring of the truncheon thing

The ice age is coming, the sun’s zooming in
Meltdown expected, the wheat is growing thin
Engines stop running, but I have no fear
‘Cause Clandon is drowning
I live by the river Clandon calling to the imitation zone
Forget it, brother, you can go it alone
Clandon calling to the zombies of death
Quit holding out and draw another breath
Clandon calling and I don’t want to shout
But while we were talking, I saw you nodding out
Clandon calling, see we ain’t… [morse code S-O-S fade out]

Words: Joe Strummer, Mick Jones (The Clash)

London Calling” is a reference to BBC reports that were broadcast during the darkest periods of World War II. “This is London Calling,” a voice would say, before delivering the news to people who worried about their very survival amid the most destructive war in human history