276amt_WHAT interns beat architects to win First Prize

2016-07-13-11-20-00-ribaj-amtico-designers-competition-2016-small-size 13646761_1028078913978932_19302501321_o copyWHAT_architecture values its students, interns and trainees! Such that with the 276amt_Amtico Design Charette we allowed the students to conceptualise, produce and present the project. In the accompanying video produced by our structural engineering student Caline Masrehjian (Concordia University Montreal), you can see Šárka Guľašiová (Czech Technical University) and Ania Scibior (University of Technology Lublin) present to Amtico, the world’s largest luxury vinyl flooring producer. Their efforts can be seen here on Amtico’s website: click here!  

000off_WHAT TV PRESENTS Giulio Tomasi

000off_WHAT TV PRESENTS Teresa Saldanha

WHAT_architecture presents… Exit Interviews!

WHAT_architecture is part research, part practice. Or is that part-design, part-research!? Part university, part office!? Part educational, part commercial? WHAT_architecture seeks to make research a commercially viable yet authentic design vehicle.  Whilst the procurement of larger scale work naturally comes with the mediation of risk, at times experience is a trade off for creativity. Here we present WHAT_internomics. Young talented architects who we give a design voice to demonstrate their capabilities and contributions to both the project as object and also the project as design experience... WHAT_architecture puts the ‘fun back into function’ by joyfully exploring the boundaries of design practice! Agnieszka Kamocka  Cesar Cordoba Ciro Garcia Lopez  Dorota Korolczyk  Karl Lenton  Karolina Knapek Ola Jarodzka Pablo Camara Tadeas Riha [Private]