WHAT_architecture ‘plastic’ rendering of the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner – a plastic plane’ – inside the proposed wide bodied aircraft maintenance facility for Christchurch… the 100m spanning hangar naturally enough is made from recycled plastic.

000off_Eid Mubarak Digital

Furthermore, digital Arabic: the Raqami font was designed by Egyptian designer Mostafa El Abasiry.


London Cycling Summit.
Boris Johnson’s Vision for Cycling proposes investing nearly a billion pounds in new infrastructure. Andrew Gilligan, the Mayor’s Cycling Commissioner, will set out his strategy for implementing the Vision at this special half day conference. He joins speakers from TfL, the boroughs, and design and planning experts to update and discuss how the capital is improving infrastructure for cycling.
The event takes place next to WHAT_office on Old Street roundabout – a recent survey carried out by City Hall showed that 49 per cent of vehicles passing through the roundabout in the morning peak were bicycles.


‘Tesco Test Cot’ is the WHAT_architecture vision of local convenience retail housing. This vision, which we also thought to brand as ‘Tesco Fresco’, is a based on Britain’s grocery and general merchandise retailer, the second largest in the world. Since we subscribed to Tesco’s ‘Every Little Bit Helps’, i.e. we took on the job for what the profession might call a Chaveloper rather than learned money,  how could we optimistically use a ruthless commercial developer rationale to squeeze every drop of quality out of this mixed use retail-housing project? Buy one bedroom, get the second at a 50% discount? Offer finishes 30th July 2013. How could we apply retail strategies authentically so as to be a fresh testbed?


Concealed blocked gutters? Install a Mannekin Pis type discharge warning system…


000off_WHAT_woman architect? ARCHITECTURE+WOMEN=NZ!

Architecture+Women•NZ “2013 is the 120th Anniversary of women’s suffrage in New Zealand (the first country to give all women the right to vote), and together with the New Zealand Institute of Architects (NZIA) we have arranged for a full schedule of events which begins with a public lecture.” Lynda Simmons, co-founder ArchitectureWomeNZ. In response to Lynda’s recognition of WHAT_architecture being ‘female arch-friendly’ (Anthony worked for 3 women architecture practice principals in Louisa Hutton, Alison Brooks and Francine Houben (by way of affirmation 2 have El Croquis credentials, Alison will surely follow), WHAT_architecture wondered who might this female architect be to deliver the keynote WANZ speaker address? So here’s the ‘WHAT_woman architect’ 5 minute, office crowd source brain storm… or perhaps NZIA should look beyond the present and into the future: Magda!? Natalia? Catarina? Beatrice? Adele? Eugenia? Adriana? Zuzanna? www.architecturewomen.org.nz


The Whale (Amsterdam) + Carluccio’s Restaurant (Dublin) = 209gub_retail housing in Gubbins Lane, Essex. We did a 10min Google-Photoshop brainstorm as building programme remix mashup. No, really: 10minutes at 72dpi. Not HD. Just a quick POV test…


(2 x French) + (3 x Polish) + (2 x Portuguese) + (2 x Italian) + (1 X NZ) + (1 x Bulgarian) + (1 x South Korean) + (3 x Spanish) + (1 X Turkmen) = British office in TransWorld House, 100 City Road, Old Street, London.


The recent event in Istanbul where anti-capitalist demonstrators took a fast-break “iftar” meal along Taksim’s İstiklal Avenue (on the first night of 2013 Ramadan) raised the spectre of mass urban dining as a socio-political event. You want a table for how many? 1. London table for 1000, 240m: 2008 Mayor’s Festival 2. Istanbul table for 5000, 1200m. 3. Lisbon table for 68,000 17km table: opening of the Vasco da Gama bridge. And of course our own office is not adverse to flash mob dining…