WHAT_architecture presents… Exit Interviews!

WHAT_architecture is part research, part practice. Or is that part-design, part-research!? Part university, part office!? Part educational, part commercial? WHAT_architecture seeks to make research a commercially viable yet authentic design vehicle.  Whilst the procurement of larger scale work naturally comes with the mediation of risk, at times experience is a trade off for creativity. Here we present WHAT_internomics. Young talented architects who we give a design voice to demonstrate their capabilities and contributions to both the project as object and also the project as design experience... WHAT_architecture puts the ‘fun back into function’ by joyfully exploring the boundaries of design practice!

Agnieszka Kamocka 

Cesar Cordoba

Ciro Garcia Lopez 

Dorota Korolczyk 

Karl Lenton 

Karolina Knapek

Ola Jarodzka

Pablo Camara

Tadeas Riha [Private]


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