000off_BUILD YOUR OWN WEBSITE? www.whatarchitecture.com/test.php

In having not one but two webspaces we are either greedy or flash (or not-Flash since we are moving to Java scripted)). One webspace is product-based: www.whatarchitecture.com whilst the other, this one(!), is process-based: www.blablablarchitecture.com. Naturally enough, as we build our 3rd level product site the process by which it comes into being is exposed here first. Zita was right: those office brain-storming sessions – with Magda at the helm – mean we are preoccupied about the architecture of webspace. But it doesn’t have to be all project portfolio bla-bla. The webspace could be a construction site… a place to build something. Before the Architect became a hairdresser, she was a builder!

So what are the parallels between webspace and Architecture? To start with there is navigation | circulation? Could the traces of the user circulating and navigating through space inform and build the site?


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