Can architecture solve crime? Can this project really be a Batman Building that saves Gotham City (Brick Lane) from the grips of crime (or grime: tagging, loud music and urination)? We believe that this project can reconcile the cash revenues necessarily acquired through the festive pronounciations of a Bank holy-day of dancing to subsidise the everyday costs of social balance and order. Design police, save the world! F*ck architecture, let’s dance!

HOUSE: 1. electro 2. progressive 3. tech 4. funky 5. deep 6. Chicago 7. hard 8. hi energy 9. minimal 10. New York 11. tribal

HOUSING: 1. electricity 2. new 3. technical 4. fun 5. deep 6. East Landin 7. grime 8. zero-carbon footprint 9. maximal 10. London 11. urban

Organised grime is coming. Art is a great precursor to urban development. Its aesthetic appreciation of the city’s dirt can promote a social order that is economically and culturally accepted and appreciated. All aboard! Shoreditch Underground can integrate with the overground.


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