P R E S S  R E L E A S E  W O W  N O W  LO N D O N

‘An International exhibition articulating the friction between Outsider, Street & Fine Artvia subversive portraiture’

Featuring:ALEX DAW ( UK ), ZTY 82 ( Germany ), BEN WELLER ( UK ),STEPHEN TOMKINS ( USA ), PERFEKT WORLD ( Austria ),SID ONE ( U K ), PAUL BUSK ( Austria ), NOMAD ( Germany ),TED RIEDERER ( USA ), JAMES JESSOP ( UK ).

Private View / June 1st /Exhibition Open June 2nd – 9th

Shoreditch Underground is delighted to announce the former station come gallery’s first ever Group Show ‘Wow Now’.In the dark depths of a former London Underground station, emerging International Artists collaborate to create an alternate debut exhibition. Referencing roots of the subway graffiti culture of old, against the backdrop of East Londons’ former Shoreditch Tube Station; these young makers challenge themselves and the space with a pop explosionthat pulsates with punk tendencies. Regardless of Environment, location or personal circumstance this group share a desire to document contemporary living and society in all its twisted glory.Inspired by Art history painting, Fashion, Comic books,Graffiti to Cartoons, Drugs & Music; these displaced Artists are constantly rewriting their own history with often Machiavellian results. Amalgamations of sculpted paint, glue,collage, photography and everyday ephemera are fused to form a momentary attempt to survey modern society.This cutting edge exhibition will at once introduce multiple reflections of ‘now’, whilst allowing art enthusiasts an opportunity to see some of the most exciting Artists working throughout the globe under and above the radar today.Post Wow Now London, the exhibition will travel to other European Capitals throughout the year. This show promises to be a truly special, one off experience, one definitely not to be missed. To receive an invitation to the exclusive Private View on June 1st please contact info@nowtspecial.co.uk


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