146oly_HYBRIDGE IS COPYRIGHT WHAT_Architecture 2012.

A voice said “That Hybridge is ugly!” She’s right… let’s not get defensive  – or architectural. This is a project borne of a utilitarian need best resolved through an engineering solution. Architecture treats bridges like sculpture (Calatrava, Wilkinson Eyre, Future Systems et al all see the bridge as a total aestheticised object not something discontinuous): as homogenous sculptural forms yet bridge economics are usually more prosaic. Industrial. Much like the whole history of the site (a former sugar refinery until recently). This is anything but ‘a machine for living’. You cross a bridge, provide a fleeting experience but mainly you create opportunities on the other side! [Finder’s fee cancelled by fee risk].  Architecture is WORDS (abcde…), Engineering is NUMBERS (12345…), Economics is VALUE (£€$¥¢…) but WHAT_ are the Politics? A summation of them all: £BTH+£BN+£PA+£TGD¢+€A=£300K/6months. Better get Boris to smooth out the delivery) to allow this temporary project (£/t) to happen? Built on superficial foundations!?


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