“The problem with architecture exhibitions is that they can’t show what they promise: architecture. When you can’t put buildings or master plans in an exhibition space, you’re condemned to some form of representation. That’s where the trouble starts: do you show a complimentary photo of a summer’s day when the building was brand new, or do you show a picture of it on a rainy day twenty year’s later? Or do you rather show a model, a drawing, a video? Most of the time, that choice depends on the architect – orchestrating your own work is part of the job.” OMA/Progress Exhibition (which ought to have been called OMA/Process)

This paradox of the architectural exhibition was used to fuel the Shoreditch Overground Public Consultation. This is Consultation as Exhibition: a talk show in the best traditions of blablablarchitecture. Catarina, Carmen and Karl from the office got busy making a full-scale 1:1 drawing of the proposals by scribing them onto the interior of the existing building. Whilst this is still frustratingly architecture as represented in drawing, this means does make some ground on including the building within architectural exhibition space. The result is a kind of inhabitable wire-frame where the world of real objects frissons with the 1:1 line drawing – an actual roll of toilet paper sits in the 1:1 drawn WC…


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