Best goal this season could be Roman Ambromovich’s late strike for Chelsea against Battersea (well, it probably wasn’t his idea to relocate a football club inside the power station but it will be his money…). WHAT_architecture feasibility study for Chelbattersea begins with a Google urban appraisal.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Chelsea FC could be accommodated within Battersea PS. Recently returned Mayor Boris Johnson is supposedly against this which seems peculiar. Why? “The mayor is one of the people Chelsea will need to convince to allow them to redevelop the Grade II* listed building and his chief of staff and Deputy Mayor for planning, Sir Edward Lister, said: ‘I don’t think the site is suitable for Chelsea, and nor do a lot of people. It’s not a goer.” So that’s not actually Boris talking but a designée. The sporting spectacle of football seems an obvious choice even though most of us didn’t see it (this coming from, amongst others, a Liverpool supporting architectural practice).

[Jong stop developing the overview which has appeared and start on the landscape. The infrastructure. The project is big enough to sustain quite a few design practices but we got to be quick!]


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