000off_PLAY TO PAY

As we, er, brace ourselves for the 2012 London Festival of Architecture with its thematic of the city at play, the sociopoliticoeconomic that is UEFA2012 reminds us that play is not just about having fun, but is quintessentially about making money. England, the country that invented quite a number of sporting disciplines (football, rugby, cricket, tennis…) but today champions few, seems to be made to pay for its play creativity. Perhaps that’s due to imperialism: from Plato to Play-Doh, the history of play is to submit to rules. Yet once rules are understood, we play with being inside, onside, bending rules…and outside, offside and breaking rules. To play is to understand our distance from whatever line you choose/

To play is then to gamble. P WLD GF GA. Football alone has spawned a number of speculative  ‘England goals’: 1966, 2010, 2012… on the balance of payments from these examples alone that put’s England luckily still winning 2 non-goals to 1.


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