WHAT_architecture operates a stringent Equal Opportunities policy with recruitment. This involves an interview (via person, telephone, Skype… but always involving speech) as the interview represents an audio-opportunity to equalise applicants’ qualifications and portfolios. Universities are varied in their distribution of awards, grades and results. You can get an instant Ph.D. online today. Furthermore, lesser known schools can also produce socially equilibrated, technically proficient, user-friendly graduates.

Portofolios , whether of an office or of an individual, contain the work of many authors and so the interview is the opportunity to dissect contribution in terms of input and time expenditure. Talking offers an alternate perspective from the architect’s tools which are primarily visual: drawing, modelling, rendering. However a chat can tell you a lot. The portfolio interview operates as ‘handle with career’.

And if it all those sounds start to get familiar one can return to the visual expression of the interview : the face as façade. The image below bears a similarity to one of our successful applicants., although we recognise appearances can be deceiving.


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