179boo_quick flick

This RMIT Interview between Martyn Hook and Anthony Hoete was first published on blablablarchitecture:

MH: What book?

Ah!: Dictionary/cookbook/atlas/novel/encyclopaedia/magazine/web blog in print?

MH: Why a book?

Ah!: Thesis/physical object/snapshot.

MH: Who wrote this book about?

Ah!: WHAT_architecture: MagdAh!

MH: When will the book be published?

Ah!: It’s not one book: but a sequence of books that result in one final tome: !? By way of example here is a pre-book: a pamphlet which is a quick flick through a project primed in it’s Arabasic version.

MH: Looks like a glossy brochure.

Ah!: Yep, let’s rip it up and start again… must do better!

Ah! … for example, if we build on these book examples we at least develop the plot:


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