000off_Architecture or resolution 2: How to set the camera


Using Tungsten Light Setting for 7D White Balance (WB button)

  1. set camera to manual M
  2. set to stills
  3. go to WB button, push and change setting to TUNGSTEN LIGHT (light bulb)
  4. set QUALITY: S RAW = 8Mb for example
  5. set JPEG: high powered SMALL or MEDIUM
  6. set sensitivity say 800 standard, with lots of light (artificial)
  7. shoot at 1/200 sec approx hand held against desired depth of field and check exposure balance if zero
  8. set motor drive High Burst to take multiple frames say 2-3 photos
  9. 50mm good lens

10. use tripod ideal for architectural models

Get shooting! Don’t kill anyone or break anything.


  1. Sort out the sound: use a lapel mic (if you cannot hear anything no one will watch or listen: think Radio with Pictures: its radio with some imagery
  2. Work between 100-800 ISO
  3. Auto Focus on a tripod
  4. Can plug laptop into camera (Camera Utilities software): good for time lapse
  5. Optimise for viewing experience: web 800 x 600?

Get shooting! Make someone famous! © WHAT_architecture 2013.


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