224nef_Yarn Bombing

As the Spanish in our office will tell you, “Guerrilla” means “little war“ and guerrilla actions in the city are ways of protesting, retaking and reconquering urban spaces within a framework of expressing political ideology. Guerilla knitting, also called „yarn bombing“ is an urban art form where people change public spaces by knitting in public objects. The knitting can be just because of brightning up urban areas or it can also contain a political message (often feminist ones). When the guerrilla group “Örgü-T” heard that the trees in Gezi Park were going to be cut down, they gathered more than 8m² of knitted wool to cover a tree. This made us wonder: what if the façade of our Women’s Student Housing in Çeliktepe had have been knitted, literally, into the urban fabric?


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