Tyvek came into the office for a Turkish bbq CPD.


Tyvek, by Du Pont, is a material used in building to control liquid, albeit water vapour or water droplets. However it is another form of liquidity, that of cash, which lead to Tyvek’s pioneering of polymer bank notes….

Certainly the note has great durability, but inkwear/adhesion may not be as good as on a conventional rag paper note. This may however simply be a reflection on the notes’ greater average life. Also there have been some problems with the plastic substrate itself. These aspects may not be so important to a larger country but in the Island the policy has been to recognise our notes as excellent off Island ambassadors and to therefore maintain a clean-note policy. The condition of the bulk of the present Tyvek® notes in circulation is not consistent with this clean-note policy.

Polymer banknotes that were first introduced in Australia in 1988 and subsequently in New Zealand in 1999.New-Zealand-Dollar-NZD-5-bank-note-2003-issue-Alan-Bollard-signature-Hillary-Everest-Massey-Fergusson-tractor-front-KAR

140212_tyvek wrap


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