000off_MTV CRIBS

As Brasil 2014 kicks off, thanks to Victor for reminding us of the variance between favela and crib. Get rich or die tryin’? Okay then MTV Cribs invites us into the 50cent household. Whilst his tunes might be the bomb, his 5,100 sqft gaff is decidedly wack! (50cent, if you are reading this, we know you p*ssed, but whilst we could sort it out in the ring, wee remind you that you can add you 50p comment below… or call us on 00442077299848 where we will offer you a real proper bling ting crib for no dollar bill y’all. Or consequently recognise that those brass taps, duff marble surfaces are decidedly not underground. You dig? WHAT_arc make u tha tru yard for max fees of 50 per Cent!)

WHAT_architecture favela


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