128art_Shoreditch Station Hot tub Cinema


Our disused Shoreditch Station is the latest venue for one of London’s most successful and soggy pop-ups…

Wearing speedos at the cinema isn’t normally advised. It usually means getting chucked out or raising horrified yelps from fellow punters. Unless, that is, you’re at Hot Tub Cinema. Consistently one of the most clicked-on and shared listings on the TimeOut website, this wet and utterly bizarre night out is both truly immersive and a runaway success.

The concept is simple: watch a cult flick on a huge screen, kick back in a hot tub and sup drinks like a bathing-suited boss. For their new summer programme (Wed Jun 4 – Sun Jun 15), the crew have added further ‘wow’ to their watery adventures: they’re going underground. It all takes place in what used to be the old East London Line branch of Shoreditch Station.

The former main station platform serves as an open-air auditorium – though there’s at least partial cover for the tubs. The 11 films lined-up include ‘Superbad’ (June 11), ‘Mean Girls’ (June 8) and, of course, ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’ (June 10). Resist the urge to oil up for stripper flick ‘Magic Mike’ (June 12), or make the obvious jokes during ‘Snatch’ on June 5, please. And no heavy petting or towel-whipping, either.



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