179prs_WHAT_architecture FC? The Gamification of Architecture!

SuperViber PRS 6 Preview with Dr Hook: The Practice-Research Symposium (PRS6) for WHAT_architecture is a game changer because the notion of WHAT_game we are playing has emerged:

WHAT_architecture FC: The Gamification of Architecture.


Don’t just sit there and watch, be active. Even the spectator is a player. Invent a game, create opportunities, find a job. If you don’t play, you cannot win. Even if you lose you can still win. Or cash in. Evidence: 127sho: Acquired site. Generated 128art. 012hil: Found site / create the use. VAT_architecture. 000off: Find a job. Mecanoo (NL), Sauerbruch Hutton (DE), Andrea Bruno (I).


Once you have started to play, change positions. With each new position comes another viewpoint. Multiple viewpoints make you a better player. Architecture can be a vast Role Playing Game. EVIDENCE: 127sho_Architect, developer, gallerist, archeologist, conservation architect (x), publican, club promoter, restauranteur. 000mot, 012hil, 036akk_builder, 048per, 069hil_client as architect, 069hil_user as architect


Think quickly and lucidly. No time can be an advantage: commercially, conceptually. Reconfigure the team to suit both the project and the team. Iterate ideas to crystallise ideas. Don’t dwell on a loss. It will cost money. Use whatever means necessary. EVIDENCE: 127sho_4 ideas (old-new build heritage crown, new build only demolition, old build only refurbishment, old-new build side tower, old-new build over-the-top; 226pea_the 3 day project)


Develop a hierarchy of communications: i.e. don’t email the Fire Brigade when your house is on fire. Talk unlocks design intelligence. Create brainstorming games. Write more, you will draw better. Talk Buildings. Architecture is a form of play illuminated by mass media. No whinging: don’t be a bad loser. EVIDENCE: 127sho_48 posts @ 4,900 words, 128art_39 posts @ 2888words, 000off_blablablarchitecture: 673 posts @ 134,600 words, 7,269 LIKES. Pinterest 056mod. 000off_Lead Forensics 1,651 visitors October 2014


Maximise (or is that optimise?) design quality. Get paid to do what you want to do.


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