The Agean is an idyllic pool  which embraces Thessalonoki to the East, Gallipoli to the North, Smyrna to the West and Mykonos to the South. It thus embraces both Greek and Turkish cultures and was the world’s original archipelago, or sea-based island cultures rather than land masses. The ebb and flow of tides erase difference. In Mykonos this could result in a pool that services an emergent type of family. One that is free from societal strictures of: nationalism, religion, sexuality and age but drawn together by a love of sun and water. SPF15 and H20, good-to-go. Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 23.42.57www.blablablarchitecture.comwww.blablablarchitecture.comwww.blablablarchitecture.com


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