The term ‘housing ladder’ (aka as property ladder on Wikipedia) is a term widely used in the United Kingdom to describe the relative differences in lifetime-migration from cheaper to more expensive housing. According to this metaphor, an individual, a couple, a family, an urban kibbutz or a grey town mean that over a lifetime one can economically progress (?) from cheaper (younger first-time buyers) to more expensive housing (older second-third time buyers). In a city like London ‘Getting on to the property ladder’ is the process of buying one’s first house and leveraging a place on the volatile property market. TBC… To be featured:

  • the ‘WHAT_ double helix staircase’ as a point of divergence from the planar separation of the rich-poor door… pragmatic idealism: rich living with poor as social enrichment./
  • Get a room! the ‘WHAT_house expansion project’ as a way of buying a room from your neighbour… so WHAT_architecture needs to design a building where the expansion / contraction of the house (flat?) is fluid. Sounds like a flat floor plate? A flat flat could be steeped in steps! What advantages could stepped housing expansion over flat flat living (drawing sections required)?
  • Tip: don’t waste time. Commit formally to anything, anyone. Indecision is an economic suspension in LDN…



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