179prs_How to write a manifesto e.g. From Motown To Bro’Town

At the Practice Research Symposium in Ghent 2 weeks, Johan Verbeke proposed to me that in research terms a ‘manifesto’ was a ‘proposition’ without the need for evidence. This in turn called to mind the brazen words of Patrick Schumacher who had written, if my memory serves me correctly, that there had been no manifestos in architecture since Modernism. If a manifesto is as Verbeke claims a mere trumpet call then Shumacher’s claim is a manifesto in itself as manifestos are liberated from any need to be factual or evidence based. Therefore as Architects we should get going: talk up your own manifesto as a means to say something provocative! For example, one Manifesto for architectural practice in NZ is: Bro’Town must replace Motown: social fraternisation is required in cities like Auckland which are being strangled by the car….

How to Write A Manifesto: see Henrietta Ross’ Election Aesthetics

On the NZ car, see Patrick Reynold’s Transit Blog



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