WHAT_Wuhan Art Terminus

WHAT_architecture introduces: “Wuhan Art Terminus (WH.A.T.) is a contemporary art centre currently being developed in Wuhan, China, and is scheduled to open in 2016. Located on the site of Wuhan’s most important historical railway station, WH.A.T. takes inspiration from the idea of the “terminus”, a place that both sends out and receives people and their ideas. By basing projects on international collaboration and the investigation of contemporary issues, WH.A.T.endeavours to create experimental projects both in Wuhan and around the world. WH.A.T. is a Wuhan Dingyun project, and is scheduled to open in 2016. Wuhan Dingyun is cultural development company based in Wuhan initiating a number of cultural projects including the Wuhan Art Terminus (WH.A.T.).”





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