072hin_a mock georgian footballers’ wives house

Lord Rupert Onslow offers these thoughts in relation to the 2015 fire which destroyed Clandon House. “Despite seeing centuries of family and national history burned to the ground, the 8th Earl of Onslow has said he does not want to see his ancestral home Clandon Park rebuilt. Rupert Onslow, a hereditary peer and insurance broker said that he would prefer for the insurance payout, which he estimates will be about £65 million, be spent on another National Trust property, instead of restoring his 18th century family home to a ‘mock-Georgian footballers’ wives house’. ‘Clandon is lost. It’s a ruin now. It decayed instantly. This sad site should be left in peace and tranquillity.’ ‘The last thing we want now is a replica. If the National Trust wants a replica, let them build it somewhere else.’ the earl told The Times. Eighty fire fighters were unable to save the house when it was ravaged by flames in April 2015.”

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